1 year in San Diego

As I sit here and reflect on this amazing journey on the MTA Trolley, I take into consideration that my manifestation of what I want to do is always in my hands. It's always in your hands. You have a choice. I am so happy I made this choice to move to San Diego, CA. I finally have a home here after a year. Living in California has taught me to be very patient and present. It has brought me to this state of mind where I come from reason and putting happiness of myself, rather than others first. San Diego has also shown me that you have to work your absolute hardest to keep what you want. You can either live here to exist, yet if you have something to prove and you want the world to hear your music you got to put more effort in. I find a lot of times that my thinking goes from high to low when it comes to my music career. Honestly, that's just life. What this whole thing has prepared me for is that certain events can happen at any time. You just have to be prepared for it and come with a plan.

I've done some of the coolest things in this place and outside of it. I've performed in front of hundreds of people and I've play in front of two of my good friends. I still treat every show like it's my last. Even though my thinking can get in the way and it might not be my best performance sometimes, I always sing from my heart. My goal as a singer is to have people hear the music without having to translate that it comes from a place of love, which we all need at the end of the day. We need the connection through love, which happens through music, that one bond that we have. I do not want to make this an exhausting letter or essay, yet I want to say thank you to so many people. Don't give up on me, and I will not give up on you. We live in a world of contradictions, and neccessary evil to see that all we need is peace to survive. There a lot of people in California, that's for sure. So because of that, we need to be happy for the beautiful people that surround us every day, they aren't going anywhere. Keep on keeping on y'all.